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To book me in for a day with your School, College or University I charge around £500, this is dependent on requirements, but why not get in touch to discuss. Drop me an email at

Some of the Schools I am working with at the moment include Wimbledon High School, Priorsfield Boarding School, Royal School Haslemere, Shackleton House School and Riddlesdown Collegiate

I’m an experienced and passionate speaker who loves using Prezi to deliver killer presentations. Below you will find a list of workshops and talks that I offer, which are ideal for schools, colleges or universities. No boring long winded speeches just exciting and insightful information that can benefit all in attendance.

How to create a winning CV

Having a great CV is half of the battle won and once you know how to do it, it’s like riding a bike- you never forget!

Most CVs are just aren’t up to par, but that’s not your fault! Most people haven’t had proper advice as to how to pen a good CV in order to get your foot in the door- this is where I come in.

I show off my own CV, in order to convey that I do actually follow my own rules, as well as examples of other CVs that students have created in order to become the perfect candidate for the job role that they are interested in. I teach you how to create that winning CV which basically guarantees you an interview. We will also look at Creative CVs and the rise of the Video CV.

Learning how to create a winning CV is not just a one off workshop, it’s an important life skill.

How not to tweet yourself out of the labour market! Get social media savvy

Social media is a wonderful platform that can be used to engage, inform and educate the masses at the click of a button. However, it is also used as an insightful tool by prospective employers to get a real scope on the applicants that they are getting through their doors, as well as current employees.

I will go through examples of how people have lost jobs and their credibility because of social media, covering all ages and even touching upon some celebrity tweets that have made them become social media road kill.

I use YouTube to explore the dangers and reasons behind why you need to keep your profile private, as well as control what pictures you are tagged in- employers want to think that their staff are professional all the time.

Many companies will request to be able to see what social media sites that you use and we analyse what they are looking for when they see your outlets, as well as how people have even lost redundancy packages and been threatened with prison!

Social media is extremely powerful, so it is important to know how to use it to your advantage.

Personal Branding: Social media for work and university

During this class I analyse students who have optimised social media by using distinctive ways of using the platform to their advantage, as well as discussing what press coverage it received.

Students don’t need to take their social media to this level but it is important that they develop a good understanding of why personal branding is just as important as business branding; by giving off the right impression and behaving cleverly online, you are developing your own personal brand without even realising.

I show students ways that they can use social media to their advantage and offer core strategies to stick by in order to get the very most out of the platforms that are so readily available to them; no matter what profession you choose to be in, social media is a great way of gaining visibility and promoting yourself. I show you how to impress Admission Tutor at university or even a potential employer.

Create a powerful LinkedIn profile

If it’s not one site, it’s another, but for people in business, as well as students who are hoping to go into business or get noticed, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to ooze professionalism and stand out.

Many students make mistakes when devising their profile for the first time and don’t know how to rectify it. I will go through these mistakes and show them how to give themselves the x-factor that so many are chasing; the job market after university is fierce, so it is important to get this right before you even enter the lion’s den of interviews- stand out from the beginning.

I will instill into students how to milk their competitive advantage, no matter what education level that they are at. This workshop is ideal for students in Year 12 who are thinking of Advanced Apprenticeship or students looking to develop key employability skills for university and beyond.

What do you want to be when you grow up? No idea? Let’s get planning!

Not knowing what you want to do for a career is not a daunting thing- it’s exciting- it means that the world is your oyster with millions of jobs for you to choose from!

Although money and job satisfaction is undoubtedly a really important part of finding the right career, I will open your eyes to other information that is so much more than that and will train your mind to think beyond the money and the job in order to consider the best career for you.
I will show you what mistakes students have made when it comes to thinking about their career, as well as what important criteria is influential on your career decisions.

INSET Days for schools; how to develop the school approach to careers

I have a core belief that teachers have one job to do; to teach, you are busy enough without having to juggle yet another thing to do.

However, studies have indicated that students and parents will look to teachers for advice on their career, as opposed to a specialist, like me! Careers information is constantly evolving and changing and it’s hard to keep up with; that’s where I come in!

I will give you the confidence needed to face the mums and dads of all your pupils, even the naughty ones, when they come to you for information as to what their children should do next! I am not expecting you to become an expert but allowing you to signpost students, parents of where they can find the information they need.

This workshop isn’t designed to bring a bigger workload; it’s designed to relay information related to questions that are asked every day. This can be seen as school approach or you may want to narrow the focus and look Year 11 and Sixth Form Tutors as example as they have the biggest challenge in what support is/could be required. Whether year 11s who want to research their ambitious ideas, strategies to get candidates ready for Oxbridge or who students need to know how to hunt down that all important work experience. I can show you how to help them out without making yourself busier than you need to be.

School or College Events

“That’s a great idea”- support your children to make informed career decisions

This presentation is ideal for the audiences who are already attending a key event at your school such as Parents Evening for example and are keen to know what they can do to encourage their children to make informed career decisions.

We will go over those mistakes that students find easy to make when they are thinking about their career, as well as assist parents to understand just how they can help or even how they hinder!

We will learn that by being knowledgeable about the qualifications and experience that is needed for their child in order to get them where they want to be is an effective way to encourage them to grow, learn and prosper further than their wildest dreams. Taking an active interest in your child’s life decisions is a sure fire way to ensure that they know you support them.



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