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Speak to you school or college about the work placement scheme offered. If you not
school does not provide a scheme you could organize your own placement with friends
or family. Most schemes below require you to be 16 years of age, but the NHS and Tulip
can take pupils on from Year 10 onwards.


Work Experience Placements Schemes for age group 14-19, check out to see if a branch
is near you. You may be able to work in Finance, Logistics, IT but check out the website
for more details.

NHS Work Placement Schemes

Each trust will have a different policy about work experience but most do offer
the opportunity for a work placement.

Various work placements from politics, Law, teaching to sport

You need to be 16 and be willing to help out. It can help test your career ideas and
develop various skills and qualities such as team work, leadership etc.

Work Experience in the financial sector
experience/ Work experience available from Barclays, Aviva, HSBC and many other
high profile companies. Whether you are at school or college this is a great way to build a
portfolio of your experience.

Careers in the City of London

Our vision is that all young Londoners, regardless of background, will have the
understanding, skills and confidence to make the most of the career opportunities in the

Do something you love

This helps 16-25s across the UK find incredible spaces to do the things they love, all
absolutely free. So whether you need a place to rehearse, want to play football, debate,
sing or even exhibit this can help.


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