Which mistake are you making?

March 28, 2014

There are many things that help and hinder you on your career quest and some of the main mistakes are so obvious that it’s painful.

I took my camera to create a series of 3 videos to help you know how to choose the right career for you so this is the first one in the series!

This will allow you to sit back, watch and learn a little bit more about choosing your career, which will be released week by week, so if you not already done so sign up today. You don’t even have to read anything, just watch!

So what are the classics mistakes your likely to make?

* Thinking small. What is the point of dipping your toe? Dive in and think big- this is an exciting time in your life and you can make it as vivacious and inspiring as you want- you are your own creator! Check out Career Research on Susan Burke careers to see just what is available to you.

* Thinking obvious. Why do you want to blend in? Why do you want to be like everybody else? So many people go for the obvious careers that are main stream and that everybody knows about, without even trying to think out of the box. The artists decide to become graphic designers, the scientists become nurses and the sports lovers become personal trainers. There are so many jobs out there that you don’t even know about- research, research, research and discover just how many options are available.

* Thinking of assumptions. Humans can be negative creatures and think of assumptions as opposed to facts, without actually even testing out whether the assumption is based on any solid evidence. People write off university because they think it is too expensive and don’t conduct any research to see whether this is true. Many write off career options because they think they won’t get a job before they even check out solid statistics. It’s time to start removing those obstacles and moving forward.

So what is my advice?

* Career research is extremely important and can put a stop to these mistakes. Take a look at my one stop shop site www.susanburkecareers.co.uk and make a short list of 5/6 careers; whilst the obvious is an absolutely fine route to go down, you never know just what else you could discover.

Leave me comment by answering the question, what mistake did you make?

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