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This is one of the best offers I have ever done and for this amazing price.  This is why it’s on a timer, because once the offer is over, that’s it.  This page won’t be available after the deadline.  It’s make or break.

It’s called the “Ultimate Job Seeker ToolKit” You will love it for your students, college or school!  This can be used in many different ways for example:

*The student in Year 11 and Sixth Form who pops to your office and needs to create a CV as they are looking for a Saturday job

*The PSHE lesson you run about how to create a CV

*The apprenticeship student who NEEDS to get that apprenticeship

*The mock interview day you run (you can get students to create a CV to apply)

*The fact you love to discuss in a lesson the difference between a Robot Friendly CV and a Creative CV (if you don’t know see the pics below!)

*A CV template for every student (who leaves your school) as a nice farewell gift in Year 13!

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I honestly could write a 101 reasons on how you could use the CV templates I have created! They are not your normal, bland CV designs by the way (all CV templates can be used on Word, NO fancy IT software is required, you can just amend and delete if not relevant!) it is this easy!

However, I have created more than just a CV template, I have also created a tracker. You and I both know when you’re applying for job after job you lose track of what you have applied for and to whom – this is where the tracker is REALLY useful for keeping track and following up (and you guessed it), it’s ideal for those apprenticeship students in Year 11 and Sixth Form.

I’ve also created the ‘Interview Success Kit’. I absolutely love this. As you and I both know, your students will undoubtedly be asked at least one of THE standard interview questions, no matter which job they go for.

“What can you offer our company?” Or “Why should we employ you?” these questions will be asked in whatever guise.  I have created a document that will allow your students to be better prepared but it’s much more than that, I will teach students how to WOW the employer and get them remembered for all the right reasons. I bet you’ll even loving using it yourself and you’ll understand why it would be a brilliant idea for your school to invest in this.

I normally charge £29 per pack for individual use, (when it’s on special offer) but for school/college use, I’m offering this for just £99 for unlimited use. Once you have access to this document, you can use it as many times as you like for your students!

Get your Careers Budget – investing in things like this that everyone is going to benefit from is a great way to maintain/increase your careers budget because as you and I both know – Johnny WILL be knocking on your door to help him with his CV!  This toolkit may actually do just the trick!

Get it now...
The fine print, make sure you read it!

Some slight changes may occur to the text position, depending on what Word version you use. This can be easily adjusted.  All designs are copyright and original to Susan Burke Careers. Template Designs will be licensed for school use, but they are NOT to be resold or redistributed under any circumstances.

It is my policy that digital (downloaded files) orders are non-refundable, since there is no way a buyer can guarantee the return of property after refund.


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