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1. Does your CV have the title Curriculum Vitae or Resume on it?

2. How long did it take you knock up your CV?

3. Does your Personal Profile make it clear what you are looking to achieve?

4. Is your CV/resume visually pleasing?

5. What about your contact details?

6. How tailored is your CV/resume?

7. How do you present your work history or work experience?

8. Have you ever asked someone to critique your CV/resume?

9. Does your CV/resume indicate that you’re not sure what you really want to be doing?

10. What about having the CV/resume in a PDF file instead of a Word file?

11. What about those “all purpose” CV/resume descriptors like “results oriented, “team player” or “self-motivated”?

12. What about typos and grammatical errors?

13. Does your CV/resume show that you know the sector and the position?

14. How long is your CV/resume?


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