Parents confused by all the career speak?

As a parent you’ve got the T-Shirt…

We all know that being a parent does not end when your children hit the magic age of 18. By now, you’ve got the T Shirt so to speak, you’ve been through the sleepless nights when they were little, teaching them to ride a bike, the first day of school, learning to drive and now you are on the brink of sending them out into the adult world. Like it or not, you’re about to let go of the reins.
As parent you want the best for your children. To give them all of the opportunities that you were never given yourself, it’s an unwritten rule of parenting. Ultimately you want them to be happy. You’ve done the best in terms of taking care of them, teaching them your own values and morals, choosing the right school for them, cleaning up their mess and supporting them and spurring them on when their down…
But you’re unsure, go on admit it…. about their future. Things have changed so much in recent times. Competition has increased for places at top universities and college courses and the way in which jobs are now advertised means that with the internet, each vacant position can be posted to reach a far larger audience than ever before.

How things have changed

The job hunt in today’s world is a minefield. In the old days, it was just a case of picking up a newspaper, or checking for adverts in the window of your local general store or relying on family and friends to take you on. Now there are hundreds of different avenues to access the job market – giving you more access to jobs in different geographical areas but with increased competition as everyone else is doing likewise. Alongside the hundreds of different job sites out there such as Indeed and Monster, you can even apply for jobs on Twitter (yes Twitter can be put to good use, it is not all just endless dribble about what people ate for breakfast!)
It can actually be used as a vital tool help people find their perfect job. Many people have never even considered using social media outlets for job hunting before and I have actually taught a number of workshops about the use of social media at the Career Transition Partnership for Military Service Leavers. I have also taught other careers advisers so I like to think that I know what I am talking about and am ahead of the game when it comes to job hunting via the internet.
I have also created the 10 Day Career Challenge to improve Careers advice in schools showing other areas of expertise where I am happy to advise.
You maybe thinking, this is something that I don’t need to worry about yet….but ‘Yes’ you do. Statutory guidance has been diluted, which is one of the reasons why I created Susan Burke Careers. I wanted to drive up standards of career advice in schools by freely sharing my knowledge and experience.
If you would like to have a FREE 20 minute chat to help you find a careers adviser for your son or daughter or how I can help, please feel free to book online no hassle or waiting just do it now. (it will also give you a little reminder closer to the date!)

Does your child….

  • Have what I call the employer toolkit set up and ready to go?
  • Do they know how to brand themselves to an extent that they would be the first one to get a job if that opportunity arose?
  • If your child is thinking about university and you’re about to make a huge financial investment, would it not make sense to learn what how to stand out from the crowd? The 90 Day Career Kick Start teaches them how to do this.
  • If your child is thinking about an advanced apprenticeship they need to learn the skills to get the job, how to properly compile their CV, telephone interviews, cover letters – need I go on?
  • Do they know what career they want to do or quite possibly they have no idea?
  • What can your child do to improve their chances of standing out from the crowd?
  • Have they researched what grades they will need? What qualifications they need to give themselves the best possible chance?
  • Have they thought about attending university in the UK or overseas or would they actually be better off joining an apprenticeship to gain some valuable work experience and start earning a little cash whilst learning the necessary skills they will need?
  • Do you know what university courses are needed for what subjects? Do you understand the all important personal statement?
I have worked with young people for a long time and you start to see the signs when you need to have a chat with a Careers Adviser (not just your career goals) take a look at some tell tale signs when talking through your options is critical.
I promise it’s not all gloom & doom. It is obviously better to be proactive and take action before it gets to this point but whichever stage your child is at, I can help if…
  • Your school/college wants to get in touch with you to talk about your child’s progression, they are not doing as well as they hoped and there are concerns about their subject choices.
  • Flunking at certain subjects.
  • Asked to withdraw from a course.
  • They have no idea what they want to do after university.
  • No job in place after graduation.
  • Completely unsure what to do next.
  • Just not motivated and unsure what they want to do as a career.

Do you need Parent SOS?

Maybe you just want to get yourself up to speed or need a little help to point you in the right direction?
Time is the new currency, so rather than having to dig through the million plus articles on the internet (then questioning whether the information is right, correct and up to date) find out what you need to know now to get your son or daughter on track. Ask any question, whether it school leavers scheme, advice on top notch apprenticeships or what Oxbridge/Cambridge want to see or any university for that matter! You may just need to know the requirements for certain certain careers or need a little support on key transition years such as Year 9, 11 and beyond your not alone. I can help.
Book a time to discuss any questions you have and it easy as ABC just schedule it online when you have a little time and don’t worry it will give you a little reminder nearer the date! Click on the button below!
Parent SOS 30 Minute
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Who needs me?

success-planProactive parents who can see, that getting students to start planning for their futures can add clarity, purpose and could in fact be one of the biggest factors which will put them on track to a fulfilling career. They’ve got over the stage of wanting to be a premier league footballer but not really thought about the bigger picture to come and are still dragging their feet.
In all other areas of life we refer to experts. If you want advice about money you seek out a financial adviser; you go to an estate agent if you want to sell your house, which is why it makes perfect sense to speak to a Career Adviser about what you plan to do for a job for the rest of your life. We spend more time at work than anywhere else, at least 8 hours a day for 5 days a week for perhaps the next 45 years! So if you don’t want your child to end up in a job they hate, encourage them to take a little time out to do some research and seek some advice. Help them to plan their futures wisely – seriously, this could be one of the biggest decisions you ever make, as it will impact their income, the lifestyle they will lead and who they will meet for the rest of their lives… 
Who it won’t work for…
My advice it will not work for helicopter parents who want to do it all for their children, some things they just have to learn themselves. Children need to be educated and learn to help themselves. This means me understanding what they want and are looking to achieve and setting them tasks which are mutually agreeable to set them on their way to their own career progression. This is a two way street, and I think of myself as a pretty darn good motivator but both parties have to be involved and committed to achieve the objectives set!
What are the benefits?
Where to do I start, seriously? Building a career is harder than ever before due to more qualified candidates applying for the same roles. By doing some research and seeking some career advice, this will set your child apart from the competition. It will get your child on the correct career path sooner rather than the later. It will give your child clarity, purpose and direction and hopefully motivate them to take action and move forward.
How it works
Check out the 121 Career Launch and 90 Day Career Kick Start. If you would like to move forward with the 121 Career Launch we use Skype for the interviews. Don’t worry if you have never used it, it is super simple to set up. Skype allows us to have a visual telephone conversation which means that we can also share useful information and documents tailored to your child as you would in a face to face interview.
Gift them – as you know if they are going off to university buying pots and pans is useful, but getting them to understand how to use their degree course and how to turn it into an amazing job, is probably worth more. Check out my blog, Change the way you view the word ‘career’.
If your interested in the 121 Career Launch it is super simple, you can book now online (yes immediately), and if you’re interested in the 90 Day Career Kick Start, please take time to have a look at the different packages and work out which one is best for your child. All packages are available to buy immediately…
How much are you willing to invest in your child’s future?



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