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As a Career Coordinator, you can often feel like you’re struggling; wearing a million different hats and feeling like something is about to crash at any second! Don’t worry, you’re really not alone!

Most people I know are already secretly counting down the days until half term, hopefully you are NOT one of those who have signed up for additional work such as a school holiday trip? Which although great fun, you and I both know, it is really hard work!

Can I be completely honest with you?

You see none of this matters unless you have TIME, and I’m guessing this is one thing you are really lacking, in the job that you do?

However, what if I were to tell you that at least the careers side of things really does not need to be such hard work?

  • Forget policy

  • Forget careers legislation

  • Even forget Ofsted

What if I told you that it all STARTS with YOU?

Not government policy and not whether your school buys into careers?


Without you driving it all forward, nothing will happen.

Simple as that… (you and I both know that I am right on this one!)

So what I am trying to say is that whether the careers advice at your school is good, bad, average or damn well amazing – it all comes down to you.  However, whether your job title is Head of Careers; Careers Coordinator or something different, I’m going to let you into a little secret.

Although we may all feel this way at times, careers advice is not a one man band and I can teach you how to integrate careers so that you no longer feel like you’re approaching it as a sole trader, but as a partnership.

I will teach you how to get people interested (and I’m not just talking about students here!)

I will provide you with the support that you need and teach you how NOT to be doing the job all by yourself.

Now, if you’re interested in this type of approach and are keen to get your careers strategy up and running… check it out here.

As I was away sunning myself last week, the final reminder didn’t go out and as such, my offer of 1/3 off is still valid!

All you need to do is to click the link below and enter the certificate code ‘CAREERS’

So let’s call it a nice welcome to the new TERM.

I thought that you may also love this….

Now, I’m going to recommend a piece of kit to you that I used for my very own sixth formers,. Trust me this guy is the Guru of Careers, however, just remember that if you do choose to purchase anything like this…..make sure you don’t fall into the trick of buying something, and then not actually using it.

As its UCAS time (and let’s be honest, if it’s not UCAS, its teaching students about university); this book or online resource is definitely worth the investment.  Can I say, it’s downright amazing and a key resource for any sixth form?

In fact, I would go as far as to say it’s an absolute must as it could also be used in year 10 to get students understanding what it’s all about, and gearing them up to start thinking ahead.  It’s also the best way to keep tutors up to date as well.

Brian Heap has created a ‘go to guide’ of all UK courses (this is the book version)  and included key information, such as entry requirements, what is required on their personal statement and if students need to complete additional tests – for example, those applying for Medicine or Dentistry. Also included are topics such as which Level 3 subjects are required, which subjects they will accept, even why people are rejected. To me, this is such a valuable resource and a really worthwhile investment.

However in reality, what often happens is that you make the effort to buy the resource and then only a few people use it!  Sad but true! So if you do make that purchase please, please give this some real thought as to how you are going to make the most out of this material and get some use out of it.

Some ideas that you may want to consider:

  • Have a coffee and biscuits with your sixth form tutors and showcase the book or online resource.
  • Highlight this resource at a parents evening; in fact, send an email or text to parents so that they can check it out themselves
  • Get students familiar with it by using form time or another slot – it’s so important; I feel that every student should know about it and be confident in using it. I would even run a lunch-time session.

These are just some of my ideas – what are yours?

Don’t forget, if you’ve found this useful, check out the Game Changer for Careers Coordinators online course NOW!



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