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 Call off the search for careers resources- you’re now in the right place!


Whether you are a teacher or a careers advisor, this website is a one stop shop portal of effective, powerful and impartial resources that will make you wish that you discovered it in all of its glory a long time ago.

I understand how hard it can be to get students excited about what they are going to do with their future; most are just thinking about getting home that night and seeing their friends, with no second thought to the bigger picture.  This site has the specific intention of injecting a bit of fun into the process, whilst delivering relevant and informative material that resonates with students.

According to the Department for Education, schools are now legally required to deliver impartial and independent careers guidance to their students; my site can help you to do this.

A completely free resource.  Yes, Free…

Covering all ages, from year 7 to sixth form, students will be able to find everything that they could possibly need on their career quest in one place. Now here’s the kicker: it’s completely and utterly free; you won’t part with a penny to access the site.

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Giving something back…

I can hear the scepticism ringing in your ears and you’re probably wondering just why this is free, right? Well, I believe in giving something back; career provisions aren’t equal in schools and colleges, meaning that many adolescents out there, who could potentially be the Einsteins of today, aren’t all getting off on a level pegging. By making this resource free, I hope to shift the equilibrium.

Get yourself better acquainted with the site and have a good look around before you start to deliver the independent and impartial guidance that this site contains to students. By quickly registering, you are unlocking the portal to use as and when you please.

For students…

Find advice on researching what career is right for you, how to find a work placement and find the answers for those niggling questions that sporadically pop into your head when you think about your future career.

For parents…

You’re probably constantly uttering phrases along the lines of ‘when I was your age…’ to your kids, but things really have evolved since way back when and the resources available on this site will help you to keep up to date, as well as offer support to your child.

For teachers…

It is understandable that many teachers out there may feel like they are expected to be a jack of all trades, but the reality is in this day and age, career guidance is a really important part of a student’s schooling and parents will ask you questions about how you are helping their children plan their future. You aren’t expected to an expert, but you should be able to point students in the right direction, this website is a start.

Why not promote the site via your school intranet page/school home page? Make it easy to locate as if it’s not accessible, people won’t use it otherwise.

Encourage students to follow me on Twitter and Facebook; UCAS, The National Apprenticeships Service, UCAS and many other companies have a social media presence. Your students probably already have their own established presence, meaning that they can be drip fed information about careers on a platform that they are familiar with and enjoy to use.

Ways to use the resource

  • Encourage students to research all kinds of weird and wonderful careers during PSHE; encourage them to think out of the box and explore avenues that they otherwise wouldn’t have addressed.
  • Parents Evening- show the mums and dads out there who want their children to excel in life that you are giving them all of the tools to do it.
  • Put it under the nose of the sixth form tutors; there is plenty of information for students who are just one step away from a career, whether their chosen path is to be an apprentice, go to university anywhere in the world, take a gap year or get a full time job.
  • Use it in cross curricular activity.
  • Make a collapsed timetable productive by getting students excited and focused on careers. Careers Box and Icould are excellent resources that show people doing what they love and work to encourage students aspire higher.
  • To give careers co-ordinators support, I have devised a great information sheet that will help with lesson plans here:

I am completely committed to ensuring that your school or college gets the very best out of these resources. Register now to help students make one of the most important decisions of their lives an easy one.

Book Me!

Schools who want a boost can also book me to come in and deliver presentations and workshops to staff, senior management teams and of course, students. Whether you a fresh new academy just starting out, or are an established school that is looking for a new approach, I can overhaul your careers provision to ensure that the delivery in this department is second to none.

I have recently presented for a number of local authorities, including Hackney Learning Trust, York, Luton and Stockton on Tees; I welcome further bookings from other local authorities.


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