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Workshop launched for 16th October 2015 – book now!



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Getting to grips with social media for you and your students workshop for 16th October.

Be honest with yourself…

* Are you confused by Social Media and exactly how it can help students?

* Do you feel that you are getting left behind?

* You can see that Social Media is important but you’re not 100% sure how you can make it work for you, and how it can work for your student

I am looking to organise a very practical workshop for Careers Advisers in London.  The day will be based at Friends House, just opposite Euston train station. The goal is to show you how Social Media can help you in your work and help your students as well.

Come and meet me on Friday 16th October, I’m giving you plenty of notice so there are no excuses! To book in October, the cost is £200 however if you decide to bring a colleague(s) can also attend for half price on this day.

The event will start at 10am for tea/coffee and then the course will start promptly at 10.20 am, making it possible for you to travel down/up to the event if needed.

Who is the event for?

Career advisers or anyone in school this could relate to for example PSHE Coordinator.

What to bring on the day…

Please bring your lap top with you wifi access is available which you can access sites like LinkedIn for example.

What we will cover:

  • How to showcase to students the dangers of social media things like SEXTING, bullying, online dangers and how misuse can also damage the student’s ability to enter the labour market.
  • How to protect students from making damaging mistakes online by showcasing real examples of adults making silly errors such as MPs, Accountants and much more.
  • Ways to keep in touch with your Alumni through social media and how to encourage students to give back. (How to set this up to encourage students to give back to their school once they have left) great for DESTINATIONS measures as well!
  • Ways to develop links with a network of professionals who can help you with Careers Fairs, work experience, even online mentoring.
  • How to make sure your school still benefits when/if you leave!
  • Hands on session – building your LinkedIn profile, if you understand it, then you will feel confident teaching it!  (Don’t worry if you have a LinkedIn profile or not, everyone maybe at different stages, but we can all learn from this)
  • The session I charge to deliver to schools is worth £500, learn to DIY it so you can feel confident delivering it to your students)
  • Real examples of how you can develop links with employers and how you can match this to your students.  Build your network to signpost job opportunities for students, ideal for students wishing to obtain an apprenticeship or advanced school leavers scheme!

At the end of the day

    • You will leave with a ready made presentation you can use in your school on the pros and cons of social media. I would charge a day’s rate to showcase this in schools.
    • You will leave with series of videos for every year group so you can showcase the real dangers online, from Year 7 to Sixth Form, which you can showcase at assembly or you could  consider hosting an information session for Parents, I would advise both!
    • You will understand why every student in Sixth Form should have a LinkedIn Profile, the common mistakes they will make and how to showcase this to your students within 45 minutes as well as the opportunity to actually help students to build their profile.
    • A checklist of what you need to have in place if you run a LinkedIn day, how to get management buy in; and access to students by collapsing the timetable.
    • How to create your alumni group using social media, encouraging win/win for both school and students.
    • Develop links with companies who offer advanced apprenticeships/school leavers schemes and how to use LinkedIn to benefit UCAS applications.
    • How to get management buy in so you are doing all the work above!

Book for the 16th October 2015, it is really simple.

1.  You can book online using the booking form at the side.

2.  If your school or college prefers to be invoiced, this is not a problem but please note the invoice needs to be paid within 7 days and obviously before the event! Send a request to be invoiced to and I will reply within 24 hours.

3. You are entitled to another half price ticket(s) for anyone else who may wish to attend. (please email me direct if this is the case

Please remember there are limited places for this event – maximum 10 seats!  So if you want to attend – please book sooner rather than later.

Good event is often rated by the food!

Additionally, we will be having lunch in the restaurant, so trust me we will be leaving the training room during the day! So whether you are veggie or gluten free they can accommodate on the day.

Let’s be clear on my policy
I’m not a big corporate & for this reason if you book onto the event, well you’re coming along!    I understand that sometimes things just crop up and plans change, but unfortunately I am unable to offer refunds for cancellations or non-attendance on the day. However if this happens to you do send a colleague along in your place, just drop me an email at with their name and contacts and we will add them to the list.


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