Dear Future Me

We don’t have Marty Mcfly’s time machine so sadly we cannot go “Back To (See) The Future” but don’t worry there is an easier way.

Would your CV land you that dream job or would it end up in the bin?

Imagine a way of being able to predict whether your CV is up to scratch or not. Envision not having to wait until you apply for a job to see if it actually measures up.

Wouldn’t it be great to see if your CV is up to scratch right now before it gets to that late stage, or whether or not it needs a bit more loving and tender care?

Well don’t fret! There is a way! All you need to do is answer the questions below. It really is completely free and best of all, if your CV does need a little work – I am here to help!

Use the CV Appraisal to find out…

1. Does your CV have the title Curriculum Vitae or Resume on it?

2. How long did it take you knock up your CV?

3. Does your Personal Profile make it clear what you are looking to achieve?

4. Is your CV/resume visually pleasing?

5. What about your contact details?

6. How tailored is your CV/resume?

7. How do you present your work history or work experience?

8. Have you ever asked someone to critique your CV/resume?

9. Does your CV/resume indicate that you’re not sure what you really want to be doing?

10. What about having the CV/resume in a PDF file instead of a Word file?

11. What about those “all purpose” CV/resume descriptors like “results oriented, “team player” or “self-motivated”?

12. What about typos and grammatical errors?

13. Does your CV/resume show that you know the sector and the position?

14. How long is your CV/resume?

Who is this aimed at?

This CV Appraisal & 7 Day CV Challenge is aimed at those aged 18 plus and is particularly focused on students at university, those graduates looking to gain a job as well as those students seeking an advanced apprenticeship or school leaver scheme.

This is not something you will have seen before, this will completely re-write the rules.

I am absolutely confident the 7 Day CV Challenge, will land you that interview for your dream job, so what are you waiting for, seriously?

How can this help me?

I can’t promise you that you will definitely get the job (some of this has to come from you), but by taking the challenge, I promise you, at least it will get you to interview stage. I know it’s a big promise, but it works.

This is my own tried and tested method of making you stand out from the crowd.

Remember there is no right or wrong with a CV.

A CV works if it gets you the job!

We will be looking at creating your own blue-sky formula that works for you. So forget about whatever advice you’ve heard before. Forget dull, boring and run of the mill CVs!

Come on, you’re better than this, I can prove it!

Why am I doing this?


Well, I am so confident that this will work – I can’t wait to hear your success stories. So although, this is unbelievably all free of charge, it is with the notion that you’re going to give me something back, when you tell me how it worked for you and how you landed your ideal job.

What to expect?

Once you have signed up on our website, you can expect an email to drop into your inbox within the next 7 days.

The next stage will be us breaking down your CV into manageable chunks day by day, in order to rebuild it into a magnificent document! You will have access to downloadable information to help you, and I will present you with super short, concise and invaluable presentations which will give you examples of each stage of building your CV and how to think outside of the box and differentiate yourself.

I will do this by introducing you to your own blue-sky formula on how to personalise your own CV and make it really bespoke to you. This is no generic CV builder; this is why you will get the job.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for free today

Who it won’t work for!

If you’re looking for an average CV, you can go to any CV builder, which will do the trick. However, if you are looking to differentiate yourself from all of those other people who probably have the same qualifications and experience that you do, you need to set yourself apart.  I am here to help and with your commitment and a little creativity, we can do this! So go on and sign up – see you soon!


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