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March 28, 2014

Take a look at my latest blog you love the video it is less than 5 mins but it tells you it tells you exactly what you need to think about when planning your future career. Don’t forget to leave a comment by letting me know which important factor has not even crossed your mind!

People tend to approach their career choice in a very flat, two dimensional manner, with the main priorities being:

* Money
* Job Satisfaction

Yes, they are extremely important parts of working- nobody wants to work for free and nobody wants to do a job that they don’t like, but there is so much more to finding your career than just two factors. You probably consider more criteria when buying a new pair of shoes; why shouldn’t your job score just as highly?

I have created a short video that gives you the lowdown on what other criteria should be taken into account in order to ensure that you are making informed career decisions that are haste free.

This criteria is a one size fits all kind of deal and can be applied to any job, anywhere.

I am always updating my YouTube channel ( and by subscribing you will be the first to know!

However your best course of action is really to sign up to Susan Burke Careers if you not already done so. Don’t forget leave me a comment and and let me know which criteria hadn’t even crossed your mind!?

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