Change the way your view the word ‘Career’

September 12, 2013

A  career is something that you should view as a ‘slow ramp.’


By this I mean something that always needs to be considered even after you’ve gained a job or before! Viewing careers in this way allows you to develop the skills required.  You learn how to create a winning CV, improve your presentation and interview skills, telephone manner, networking ability and if necessary better able to approach and complete psychometric testing and passing company assessment selection tests if required.

You should be thinking about completing relevant voluntary work to test out your career ideas, gaining internship, joining clubs and societies as well as developing online presence for potential recruiters.  All of this will of course take time and patience.  Time is key, preparation is important but unfortunately a significant amount of student see thinking about their career as something to consider at the end of their degree (when in fact you should be testing your ideas when your actually in school!) and this is where the problem starts!  You cannot acquire those skills I have outlined above in the last few months of a degree they are acquired over a number of years.

So it is essential to view careers as a ‘slow ramp’ and not as a ‘mountain peak’ that needs to be conquered immediately.  If you try and do it this way it becomes overwhelming and can leave you powerless on where to start….

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