Are you making the same mistake as I did?

April 02, 2014



The first thing that I advise people is that they should plan their career. In reality, I never did. Can you believe it? A careers adviser who never planned their career; hypocrisy at its finest but this is the essence of what I teach.

You see, I fell into this job by accident. I didn’t have any intention to become a careers adviser, it just happened.

I know what your thoughts are on careers advisers because I probably had them before you. I was sick of being told to do different things that didn’t appeal to me when I was in sixth form or university and nothing that my adviser suggested appealed to me in the slightest.

Although I understand that your first impressions of careers advisers may be questionable to say the least, I can assure you that I have moved on from the stereotype. Why? Because I help you to decide, move forward, your the one in control.

Despite my lack of planning, I got lucky and fell into a job that I love; not everybody has this luxury and planning is imperative to get where you want to be. Most people spend more time planning a holiday than their career, which is a crazy notion as without that all important career, those holidays will be few and far between.

My job gives me a genuine buzz and I love helping people to move forward and make their lives just what they want. I help people to find their niche, their vocation and express their passion in order to get the job that will make them feel like they never have to work another day in their lives.

However, it isn’t all about the soul searching and practicality is key when it comes to carving out your career. You need a winning CV, LinkedIn profile and so many other bits and bobs to add to your Employer Toolkit in order to get you where you want to be. The foundations have to be there in order to build up your life.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 19.27.04Now, don’t roll your eyes at me; planning is not necessarily boring. It gives you the opportunity to discover new pathways that can actually get you excited about what route you are going to take your life on. Having some idea of where you are going will empower you with motivation and I will teach you the steps that you need to take in order to get exactly where you want to be.

If you’re struggling to work out just what you want to do, stop worrying. If you wanted to sell your house, you’d go to an estate agent and if you got sick you’d go to the doctor. I’m the go-to girl if you need a hand with your career and I will help to invigorate you with a fresh approach to your future.  Still not sure? Take a look at my website it is a one stop shop of careers resources that will start you off and most importantly, it won’t bore you to tears with industry jargon that you don’t understand.  I would love you to leave a comment below, have you planned your career if not do you feel inspired to do so now?

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