Building you as a Brand

April 09, 2014

Okay I could have used anyone for this example Richard Branson & good old ‘Katie Price’ they are all brands and make serious money from it.  However I decided to use Miley Cyrus because she looks better than Richard Branson & she has hit the headlines recently, you can see the difference in transformation she is trying to make!

So what I am trying to say…..Branding isn’t just something that businesses need to go through or celebrities but people like you & me in order to bag that dream job that you really want, it’s important that you start branding your most important asset: YOU!

Making yourself a brand that is recognisable to potential employers is imperative if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. It is all about identifying your key skills and attributes that make you unique and applying them to push yourself forward in order to reach the goals that you want you achieve throughout your career.

Quite simply, personal branding will open so many doors for you, without you even realising. Want to know the beauty of it? It’s not hard; you already have the skills and the credentials to be your own brand, you just need to convey them.

Once you have addressed your brand, like any other outlet that using a branding system, you need to sell it. Using outlets such as Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to deliver your message straight away and to the people who need to see it.

The key is to sell yourself so that people want to invest in you. You need to be desirable or you are just another candidate who just blends into the rest of the applications; the key is to strike the perfect balance between the personal brand that your friends see, and the professional brand that you will show to both current and potential employers.

Do you want to be a journalist? Then interact with the relevant outlets that suit your style of writing and become known for you affiliation. Create your own blogs and get them out there via social media so that people can read them.

If you fancy being an architect,  you could make your branding more visual and use platforms such as Pinterest to really express yourself and interact with likeminded people who will start to associate you with this field.

Put it this way, if you met somebody on a night out swigging back Jaegerbombs, swinging around a pole and leaving little to the imagination, would YOU want to employ them? No, you wouldn’t! However, this doesn’t mean that everybody doesn’t do that once in a while, it’s just that some people know how to draw the line in regards to just how much of the personal brand they allow to merge into the professional.

Does this all seem a little bit mind boggling and way out of your reach? Are you a little bit lost about the whole branding thing? Don’t worry – that’s where I come in! I can help you to understand the key skills that you have that make you stand out from the crowd and I can show you how to plough these into creating your brand; a good branding campaign will allow an employer to look at your CV and instantly understand what it is you do and how good you are at it.

I’m not all talk and I do practice what I preach; I have also created my own brand. 

I could see what was going on in my job market and it was spiraling on a decline, with redundancies hitting left, right and centre and total restructuring going on all around me. I knew I needed to take action, and I knew I needed to do it fast.

My Dad always told me that being different is something that I should strive for and that it’s not something that would be too difficult for me, so I started to embrace it and played on the things that ‘branded’ me.

I invested in my future by playing on everything that made me different and I created the job that I wanted for myself, by myself and through my website. Don’t get me wrong, if you want to do this properly, you have to spend hours thinking about how you want to plan to achieve this and then put it into action. You can use social media to market yourself to  really show off who you are, so expect some hard work.

However, this work will pay off tenfold.

By signing up to my website you will learn all about how it is important to invest in your brand, as well as how to sell it to the people that matter. Check out my premium service as this assist you further……….

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 19.27.04Don’t be jaded and think that handing in a bog standard CV will bag you that job, the market is just too competitive and the steps that you need to take may be a lot, but they will get you to the destination that you want to be at in the end.

Then you can go out and enjoy that Jaegerbomb and a spot of pole dancing…if that’s your personal branding thing…

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Hi Sue, I really liked this blog and I was wondering by branding do you mean creating an image of yourself or a perception of how others see you? For example is it what you project or is it how others receive or interpret you – is there a difference?

I suppose it both Carrie, but it needs to be true to you at the same time. I always get people to think about how would they want to be seen, what values are important to you as person and then you can build on that persona into the online world and outside.

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