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It’s not all about me, it’s about YOU!

Life today seems to be so overcomplicated in so many ways, that it becomes very easy to get bogged down and lose sight of the one basic thing that everybody is looking for; to be happy.
There are many fundamentals that people place on the ladder to happiness, everything from having a nice house, making enough money to do whatever you want, falling in love and having a good job.
I can’t help you find the perfect pad, or give you the seeds for a money tree. I’m not a patch on a matchmaker so forget about getting me on board to find your soul mate, but there is one thing that I’m great at; making the career that you’ve always dreamt of a reality.
I know, the word ‘career’ is probably one that you are sick of, but trust me, this isn’t a chore or a boring part of being a bona fide grown up, it’s exciting and liberating. Paving your career path is the very start to opening all those other doors in life that you are looking to break through.

So, who am I and how can I help you?


Well, let’s get on first name terms; I’m Sue and I’m a Career Consultant from Liverpool now living in Wimbledon, London on a one woman mission to make planning your future fun.
I come with all the bells and whistles, complete with a nice win from the Educate Awards for a careers resource that I created for my previous school. I was also a finalist in the UK Career Development Awards, but I believe that my crowning glory and proudest moment was being elected on council on UK level for the Career Development Institute as a representative for career guidance for young people.
I’ve also been known to dabble in article writing for many national newspapers, as well as provide comment as a careers expert. See, I’m not just all talk…
There are so many resources on the World Wide Web available for you to look at when doing research for your future career, but as I discovered, that’s kind of the problem; there are too many and they can quickly become jarring, overwhelming and make the whole task laborious and let’s face it, completely boring!
The part I play is to come in and teach efficiency when researching careers, as well as provide you with some fantastic resources that I use every single day. Forget about trawling site after site and going cross eyed, I simplify the process right down to make your goal easy to achieve.
I want to give you that boost that makes you stop looking at planning for you future as a chore, but as something that is enjoyable. It is very true that you hold your destiny in your own hands, I’m just here as an extra pair whilst you find your feet.

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Experienced Careers Consultant


As well as working with students, I also work as an Associate for The Career Transition Partnership.
CTP is a brilliant service provided by the Ministry of Defence working with Right Management that offers leavers of all ranks in the military advice in career transition, training opportunities and resettlement support.  I work with these clients one on one in order to find out what they want to achieve after leaving such an important job; if they don’t know, we talk it out and find their new niche together, helping them to move forward.
I’ve been completely cleared to work in schools, as well as the highest levels of working for the Armed Forces.
I am lucky enough to be able to say that I absolutely love what I do and I go to work with a smile on my face every single day. I see other people trudging around, looking glum and discontent, faces like slapped backsides and bored stiff with the generic job that they have fallen into!  I never want to be those people and I don’t want to see more people end up like this.  Everyone of us has something to offer.
As the age old saying goes, if you find a job that you enjoy, you’ll never work a day in your life. Choosing to live by this philosophy my friends, well, it’s just plain old common sense.

So who is Susan Burke Careers ideal for?

The best way is to visit the Start Here page it shows what freebie resources are available & what is not so free (well I am a business after all.) If you can answer one question it will guide you on what resources are best for you.
Either those who are fresh out of university or those struggling to find an outlet where you can put those years of studying hard to good use.
There’s no time like the present; find out what you should be doing on your course now to get a graduate level job, rather than talking about what you didn’t do when you leave.

I believe in giving back

I am really big on giving a little back and my website is a fantastic resource for career coordinators in school, right from bright eyed and bushy tailed year 7’s, to the sixth formers who are coming to a fork in the road.
My resources really do help, so much so, you will be wondering why you didn’t know about them sooner…I also know parents also have a vested interest so again I highly recommend you check out the Start Here page it really can help you.

Get in touch

I love a good chat (don’t we all?) so catch me on my social media networks, email or register for some amazing career resources.

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