5 Ways to Make Money While Job Hunting

September 09, 2014



These days looking for a job in the booming graduate job market is pretty much a full time job in itself. Anyone who has searched, or is searching, for a job will also know that it can take some time.

If you’ve got rent & bills to pay as well as day to day purchases to take care of you’ll need some way to earn money while searching for a job or you’ll end up blowing away your precious savings (or heading further into your already bulging overdraft).

Luckily Jake from Save the Student is here with a few (5 in fact) sneaky little money earners that won’t take away too much time from your job search but will leave you more financially comfortable.

Sell your stuff

It’s never nice to say goodbye to your beautiful belongings but sometimes desperate times call for (kind of) desperate measures.Nearly everyone who walks the earth these days will have heard of eBay. It’s the go to place to flog your old clothes, shoes, DVDs or anything else you feel is cluttering up your room and/or distracting you from your job search.

Review music

Fancy yourself as the next Simon Cowell? This won’t help you to be a super rich music mogul but it’s a start.There’s a great little site called SliceThePie that pays you dosh to review new and upcoming artists.
Double it up with your job hunting and the tunes could become the soundtrack to finding your dream job.

Get paid to search the web

Believe it or not, there’s sites out there that pay you to search Google, Bing, Amazon and so many more sites.Qmee is a great example. You earn small amounts of money by clicking little ads each time you search for something on your favourite search engine (which we all know is google).

It won’t make you a millionaire overnight but every little helps!

Share your opinion

Everyone loves to share their opinions on everything from politics to consumer products.Rather than just rant about things with your mates down at the pub every evening it’s a good idea to join a few survey sites that’ll pay you for your opinion.
There’s loads of sites to choose from and you could earn anything from £5 – £20 a week (which might help pay for a few pints each weekend).

Go your own way

Endlessly hunting for a job can be soul destroying. So much so that plenty of trailblazers in the past have taken matters into their own hands.By no means do you need to go the whole hog and set up a fully-fledged business (unless you want to).
At the very least you can set up a website, get an online portfolio set up and then offer yourself as a freelancer. You never know what your site may become.
If you’re after a few more tips (40 to be precise) then you might want to have a gander at the ultimate money making list on the Save the Student website here.

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